Health insurance for individuals

Latvian currently have the option to insure the health, even if their employer does not provide, as a legal entity. Private insurance is offered AAS IF and Compensa.
• option to purchase health insurance if their employer does not or if you are self-employed or not employed.
· policy covers incidental expenses tied to health. The insurance policy covers both the patient's contribution and fees for medical services.
° there is a possibility to choose additional programs, with additional coverage.
· From the insurance premium amount from the State Revenue Service may receive income tax relief.
· not always need a family physician placement, and no waiting lists for publicly funded services.
· If you choose IF the policy, then:
Policy prices are available. Especially beneficial - If existing customers (with an existing 12-month insurance policy private health insurance policies at the time), or if you buy health insurance for family (at least 2 people with a common household).

  If after the first year you may want to continue to buy If private health insurance policy, with each additional year policy conditions become more favorable.

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