Health insurance for legal persons

Every director of company, knows that employee motivation needs more than just the employee's salary. And, as we know, health insurance is a personal insurance against expenses incurred in receiving medical and health services in case of illness or health prevention. It is a feeling of security provided by a health policy for each employee, as well as an additional motivation.

Purchase employee health insurance policy team, colleagues are protected from unnecessary stress on the potential losses in the personal budget.

Health insurance premium depends on:
• the insurance program and its coverage, optional snap-in

• the number of insured, insured and number of family members,

• previous cost statistics;

• payment schedule:

   For health insurance for their employees, will receive the Latvian legislation for tax credits:
1. Insurance premium is not subject to corporate income tax (the company's profits may be reduced for the insurance premium payments).

2. Insurance premium payment is not the personal income tax taxable income source (if the insurance premium does not exceed 10% of the insured person's gross annual salary and shall not exceed 300 LVL).

3. Social insurance contributions at the facility are not covered by insurance premiums (if the insurance premium does not exceed 10% of the insured person's annual income and 300l).


Health Insurance Program courses:
• Patient's contribution to the patient's contribution

◦ outpatient hospital care fees

◦ outpatient services outpatient care

◦ outpatient services and inpatient care
 ◦ outpatient services cost hospital outpatient and inpatient care.


Additional programs:
• Purchase of Medicine;

• Dentistry (dentistry, dental hygiene, denture)

• Optics Acquisition;

• Sports activities.

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