Ship insurance

    It is possible to insure the Latvian Republic of registered boats with engines and equipment as well as other boats: boats, motor boats, launches, etc.
    One of the CNC classes, which covers the loss of water transport deaths and injuries.
To ready for a policy to:
· fill out an application;
· t / l certificate of registration;
· document confirming the value of the watercraft.
Watercraft exist such risks:

Collision with objects in the water, capsizing, sinking,

Natural disasters: storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, lightning,

  Fire, explosion, stranding

(plating) grounding;

Third-party unlawful conduct, t. see. burglary, robbery, bombing, etc.


The second type of insurance is:


  • Ship agent liability insurance
        Vessel liability insurance covers losses cargo loss, damage or delay in delivery.
        To ready for a policy is needed:
    · Foreign conventions
    · laws,
    · based on agreements
    · standard agreement.
        Liability insurance pays the insurance indemnity in cases where the policyholder is to blame for the owner of the cargo damage.
        In addition to the standard liability coverage of this insurance to pay the wrong cargo transfer costs, and reasonable costs to minimize damage, and legal expenses of the policyholder interests.
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