Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance can protect you and your employees, family members of accident caused financial losses.

The policy price is determined on individual basis. The price is affected by:
the insurance policy risks

territorial coverage of the contract period

professional level at sports

cover (trauma and fractures, and death and disability)

the insured person's occupation and hobbies.


 Making the Insurance policy to their family members at all insurers are able to get a discount or some extra coverage!
Personal accident policy covers damages in such cases:
· death an accident;
· bone fractures;
· injury;
· accident or disability;
· burns, frost-bite;
· intoxication with chemicals;
· animals' wounds;
· tick-borne encephalitis;
· treatment expenses after an accident;
· offset the daily salary;
* Insurance does not work when trauma learned from participating in amateur or professional sports competitions or for training, unless the policy is noted in the sport and participating in competitions.

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