Cargo Insurance

     Cargo insurance Latvian insurance companies are mainly used internationally accepted rules and experience.
Have the option to insure and prepare a policy:
· Description of goods shipments from points A to B *;
· Regular cargo.
* Insurance is also valid salvage or transfer time.
Freight risks may be different, depending on the vehicle with a cargo is carried in (land, air or water):
· vehicle accident;
· explosion;
· a wide range of accidents, resulting in the transport of goods by inland waterway;
· Nature element;
· fire;
· or attempted theft, burglary, vandalism, explosions;
· Description of goods disposal at sea;
· Description of goods unscheduled landing at the port;
· Description of goods vehicles, railways collision or stopping;
· Description of goods willful (intentional) destruction of the general case of emergency;
· Description of goods damaging recklessness of u. c.
    Cargo insurance, setting premiums and tariffs are taken into account the different price-, factors. Such as:
· Description of goods value and type,
· form of packaging
· transportation route and a route
· distance
· mode of transport used
· place of trans shipment
· transport intensity (a one-off trip, scheduled service),
insured risks.

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