Insurance of excise tax

   Insure against excise tax liability of parties who, in accordance with the Law on Excise Tax procedures prescribed intend to take action with the following products:
· Drinks
· Tobacco
· Oil
suspension of payment of excise duty
Excise tax liability determined by the conditions of use:
1. Regulations On Excise Duty

2. Ministry Cabinet 12.02.2019 Regulations Nr.72 " Regulations on the excise tax liability. "


The State Revenue Service decision to re-filing of excise duty on the provider status of the following insurance companies:


• SEESAM Insurance AS Latvijas filiāle NMR 40103475609

• Insurance Joint Stock Company "Ergo Insurance SE Latvijas filiāle" NMR 40103599913

• Insurance Joint Stock Company "ADB Gjensidige" Latvijas filiāle NMR 40103595216"


• Insurance Joint Stock Company "Baltijas Apdrošināšanas nams" NMR 40003494976


• Insurance Joint Stock Company "Balta" NMR 40003049409

• Insurance Joint Stock Company "BTA Baltic Insurance Company" NMR 40103840140

• Philip Morris International Insurance (Ireland) IE6554148D

• International Insurance Company of Hannover SE (tās pilnvarotā persona SIA “Marine Underwriting Services” (NMR kods 40103608205))



Information updated: 06/09/2019

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