Property insurance

Property insurance is one of the most popular types of insurance.
   Property insurance means liability to any property belonging to you. You can insure a house, apartment, cottage, some other buildings, as well as movable property, and household appliances (refrigerator, TV, washing machine, etc.), furniture, furnishings (curtains, carpets), and are able to insure their liability insurance (this means to insure against damage to your neighbor).
   So with the property insurance policy can be movable so as real property:


Property insurable risks

 • lightning

• the aircraft or their cargo overturn

• heating, water, sewage system failure,

• steam boiler, gas storage explosion;

• natural disasters (storms, floods, hail, earthquake, snowstorm or persistent rainfall)

 • unlawful conduct of third parties (theft, burglary, vandalism)

• Insurance glazing (window glass, mirrors, showcases bursting).

Property insurance costs

   The premium is determined according to the insured property characteristics (ownership status, building construction materials and the like.), Location and other factors that are important for determining risk. Real estate insurance charges may depend on the deductible amount (the amount of money which, when the risk, undertake to cover the same policy holder), the sum insured and if it is to take precautionary measures as well as other factors.
The cases where the insurance company reimbursed the losses resulting from:


• a nuclear explosion, radiation or radioactive contamination as a result of exposure;

• war, public disorder, strikes, state and local laws and adopted by the activities;

• environmental pollution;

• breach statutory requirements for an explosion or fire safety, maintenance and construction standards;

• premises falling into a rain or drainage of buildings, structures structural deterioration, failure or Defective construction or repair of

• the manufacturer, producer or a builder vitiating defect. Course a matter for each company insurance rules are more appropriate for your situation. And here it is a broker who can best help you.

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