Customs guarantee insurance

   Customs guarantee insurance way relieve the operator from the need to pay a security to guarantee payment of taxes and duties by them (it can be both the SRS and other customs offices have tax debts). The insurance company can take responsibility for the Latvian state in front of the cargo carrier (collateral taker) will complete the customs procedures or payment of necessary taxes and fees. In the event taxes are not paid, then this obligation borne by the insurance company in which the guarantee was insured.

Are divided into:

· individual guarantee - one for pre-clearance activities, and one customs procedure. Guaranteed amount corresponding to the full amount of duties which would be released for free circulation of goods.

• For comprehensive guarantee - this policy may last up to a calendar year. Policy volume of excisable goods storage and any customs procedure with excisable goods LR law provides no less than 100 000 lats, but the other products of 50 000 lats. A guarantee may be made in the following procedures: · transit; · export; · customs warehousing; · inward and outward processing; · etc.

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