Accounts Receivable Insurance

     Accounts Receivable Insurance Serves as a bill payment Guarantee (the debtor's Insolvency or protracted non-payment, as well as the insurance contract protect the Supplier from the customer's bankruptcy caused losses) Companies That sell Goods or services to a large number of Clients With post-Conditions payment for the Domestic Market Them or exporting abroad.
     When the Risk, the Company Will Be ABLE to Receive payment for SOLD Goods, products or services, Because the Insurers Will settle With the Seller instead of Buyer.
     The Insurance Company of Fully ASSESS this Risk, the company must Submit the following information, application and all Accounts Receivable portfolio (Usually the parties Agree on all or just part of it).
     Going Futher:
  ˚ is STATEMENT in Each customer's credit limit, Which MEANS the Maximum Size of an Individual debtor's Debt.
  · Before the credit ceiling on insurance specialist thoroughly Examins Each customer's Ability to Pay and Collect all available information for Each Business Partner.
  · agreement Between the parties, the period of time (waiting period), When the debtor is Working With the Same Vendor.
  · After Taking Over The Liability Insurance Company and the Company Could Qualify for insurance reimbursement.

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