Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is one of the most important holiday parts. This insurance is required as the drive to ski, dive, climb mountains as well as other activities, as well as a simple recreation, and business (business) trip. This policy protects against unexpected expenses that may arise in unexpected acute illness, accidents, flight delays or cancellations, baggage loss, and other events. At the policy of purchase for each traveler to assess the potential risks on the road and travel destination, as well as planned activities. This insurance policy will provide you with safety and without undue stress on the possible contingencies will be able to enjoy your trip.
   Travel policy covers the following risks:
· Medical expenses;
· Transportation;
· Baggage loss, damage, delay, etc.;
· Airline delays;
· Civil liability;
· Lawyer's services;
· Passport has been lost;
· Medical expenses for the home country during the trip resulting injury or illness.
   By contrast, in addition to the risks to be insured separately for dangerous sports, giving them a travel insurance policy, such as:
· Skiing
· Snowboarding
· Professional sports
· Diving
   How well are insurance companies, in addition to offering insurance against natural disasters that recently an issue and all possible risks.
A few more suggestions that would be desirable to know before leaving:
· If the accident occurred, please turn on each insurance company's designated phone number (the phone is usually stated on the insurance card, which is conveniently of insert a purse or pocket, so you should be easily accessible at any time), which will help you at any time;
· If you need may apply to the Latvian Foreign Ministry consular service around the clock;
· Official World Health Organization (WHO) website, which summarizes all the world's requirements for travelers and information on national requirements for vaccinations and other prophylaxis;
· Foreign Ministry Consular Department calls on the Latvian people to register their residence abroad Consular Register. That registration allows for consular assistance in emergency situations

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