Construction insurance

    Construction risk insurance is basiclly insurance that is provided by the construction assembly works. Right is valid during the entire construction of the facility - from starting up the facility for disposal. In this case, the insurance company's liability to customer or customer-performer front grows proportionally to the path value of the building. Its destruction or damage, compensation is paid to the building / construction replacement value.

    Construction assembly work insurance does not set standards for approximately, because each project is too varied and the risks, size, cost, etc. factors affecting the premium. We can not equal estimated value and risks for private construction or a variety of complex engineering structures. It is built airports, oil platforms, rail networks, ports, bridges, etc. more complex objects. Construction assembly work insurance requires more number of stakeholders involved.

    A large construction contract, the general contractor without being tied to the designer, carriers, consultants, builders, technicians, etc.. that from a legal point of view is very problematic. Therefore, the work of one or other damage caused by (an insurable event as a result) fault detection and assessment process is tied to lawyers.

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