Business interruption insurance

Business of one of the biggest risks is the downtime in the event of an accident or other incident, which temporarily suspended its operations. This can lead to huge losses. Business interruption insurance is a guarantee that your company in case of business interruption, whether the company will not become insolvent, and
· not fail to pay staff salaries,
· Covered other fixed costs, as well as foregone earnings,
because the policy covers losses against:
· Nature disasters - storms, floods, the continued downfall of snow, hail, etc.
· fire, explosion, lightning;
· Guided aircraft or its parts in case they do not fall;
· Third-party abuse - theft, robbery with burglary, malicious damage;
· liquid or vapor leaks, resulting not only in an emergency, but also other people act or omission;
    Of course, as the company or the overwhelming majority, the greater will be the outstanding earnings downtime event, which is why we offer the same to protect themselves from the sad outcome, if any of the risks, however, has occurred.

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