New season - new forms of entertainment!

    As I have already mentioned in his writings on the Brokerage Agency ROOT command, then every year we organize two major events - Christmas / New Year, that the midsummer festival. Incredible, but Midsummer is no longer just around the corner! Now we are going to work hard on Midsummer's Day event, to be able to relax and new, inspiring emotions start the summer season.

    To consolidate the team and on your skin enjoy the progress made in the work, then enjoy real flight altitudes! ROOT team is going to Airodium! And not only! Active and healthy recreation is the basis for Well-Being and inspirations J

    Will certainly have a "report" on our website gallery!

 Merry and joyous LIGO for you!

                                                                                                Article placed: 05/25/2011


Spring is a time of inspiration not only natural but also our company!
   Brokerage activity is much higher, and our goal is growing ever larger. Our company, brokerage agencies ROOT, setting
by purposefully and with a great sense of responsibility to each of our customers, higher or lower in the implementation. Our broker qualification is improving with every day. It is because of thought: Every will evolve, which will learn and change. Preparing customer service courses in order to serve you more and more by visiting not only the insurer of opportunities for training, but every week organize advanced training of non-standard types of insurance, we analyze in detail the existing rules in order to perfect strike to the customer the best coverage of a particular case.
   I hope that with our initiative work, we will inspire you as well!
Article placed: 04/07/2011

 Brokerage Agency ROOT - inovators not only insurance products.
   ROOT as a company, the Latvian insurance brokerage market is relatively recent - only 5 years, compared to our predecessors, who are already running 15 or older and is an international company representatives. ROOT focus is working on expanding the market and we know from experience that the customer should be linked not only to our experience, knowledge, service, and constantly we have to find someone "special`s". One of these has already been mentioned a lot of our SIA "ROOT Motors". It's not all. We are looking for all kinds of approaches, including marketing efforts, where one of the most recent for which we have received praise from insurance companies, a creative approach is specifically designed for our company forms. What is the special`s, you can check by receiving insurance policy of ROOT.  

Article placed in: 03/11/2011.
Our pride!
"ROOT Motors” of our brokerage agency insured vehicles are repaired immediately after the accident, without waiting for the consent of the insurance companies.

All the applications needed are completed as well as all the other necessary documentation and formalities

  Client saves his time

• Car downtime is kept to a minimum as well as service offering discounts on repairs, customers who insure their cars or fleet Ltd. “Brokerage Agency ROOT ".
   Service "ROOT Motors" the different kinds of services:

• auto body repair and painting

• running diagnostics and repair estimates

• Preparation and coordination with insurance companies.


Article placed in: 12/01/2010.
Refresher training

   Mercuri International assistance is organizing seminars to all the brokers, as well as other office staff. Seminars which contributes to our abilities and skills for effective face to face conversation with a new customer, as well as phone calls etc. Of course, even with the existing customer relationships and increase the efficiency of the negotiations.
   This is the third training but for sure not the last.
Article placed: 20/11/2010